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Cosmic Lover 

For all genders

Embody your sexual essence, embrace the sacredness & play....

A cosmic lover is one with the universe. In full kundalini, connected with the earth's Crystal core and the universe's heart. With a body that celebrates the divine feminine and masculine energy. Expressing love and devotion and honoring the innocence of your sexual essence.  


I invite you to embrace the sacredness of your body.

I invite you in the here and now.


Cosmic lover Retreat 19 t/m 21 jan 

Experience your fire, your aliveness, your life force, while being firmly embedded in your heart.


During this weekend, we activate the heart to connect to universal love. And we open ourselves for the natural flow of our life force, the kundalini. We reset our cells to zero point to open our cells for the purity and innocence of our sexual energy. 

You are invited into deep relaxation, playfulness and embodiment, to feel the pleasure to be on earth and in a body. You might already experience the healing modality of deep relaxation when your life force can flow continuously. We play, dance and breathe together to deepen this relaxation process in the body. To embody more and more lifeforce.

This weekend has a deep revitalizing and healing effect. While activating polarity, your life force will increase. This evokes the healing modality of your sexual energy when it can flow continuously, like a river flowing into an ocean. Emotional blockages and dense energies will dissolve.


A safe space

We create a safe space and work with consent. There will be no sexual acts nor any exchange of bodily fluids. 
It is important you feel at ease with feeling and expressing your needs and boundaries.
Cosmic Lover 1& 2 are with clothing on, Cosmic Lover 3 nudity is optional


Cosmic Lover (retreat)

Date                        19 jan - 21 jan 2024

Time                         arrival 17 o´clock

Location                   TBA

Exchange                 € 499ex btw

The Cosmic lover  includes:

- Vegetarian meals during every training

- 2 or 4 p room during the retreat

- Whatsapp support group.  

Sign up via

Your place is secure after payment.

How would it be to invite and surrender to your Divine Self? To embody the Divine Union of Cosmic & Earthly Energy? And enjoy the Cosmic Lover that you are.

We restore the Sacred Codes of Divine Sexuality in 15 Dimensions to its original blueprint. While you experience sexuality as a healing modality.

What to expect?

On this retreat, you will  

  • Do advanced polarity practices. (nude optional)

  • Embody the healing modality of your sexual energy

  • Enjoy Sacred temple play

  • Explore your DNA as the blueprint of life and its spiritual meaning

  • Restore the original blueprint of sacred sexuality

  • Embody &  enjoy the Cosmic Lover you are. 


  • We work with 15d Aura, Seals and Karma clearings, Cosmic constellations, tantric breath, polarity, bodywork, sacred temple practices, shamanic rituals, play and dance. Every retreat is personally tailored to this group.

  • We work individually, in a group, and with partner practices. If you come as a couple, you are welcome to do some practices together and are also invited to mix with other people.


         This workshop is no medical intervention nor mental health          care. It is a place for reflection, insight, personal        

         development, meditation, and healing. 

Let's get in touch. 

Anker 1

Cosmic Lover, the basic principles

This Cosmic Lover sequence is for those ready for the next step in awakening, self-realization, and expansion of consciousness through sexual embodiment. A unique combination of polarity & Cosmic expansion. To enjoy your sexuality as a healing &empowering modality. To enjoy cosmic expansion while staying firmly grounded in the body.

So why should we combine these polarity & Cosmic consciousness practices? Your life force is the fuel for your process of awakening: the embodiment of your Higher Self or the awakening of your full potential as a multi-dimensional being.  To explore yourself as a Cosmic Lover. A Cosmic Lover is someone who is at-one-ment, breathing, living, and moving as a continuous process of lovemaking with LIFE itself. We activate our life force by playing with polarity.

What is polarity? Polarity is the electricity that ignites between two opposite poles: dark/ light, north/ south, plus/ min pole. It is a game of duality. According to ancient Eastern philosophies, we all have positive and negative poles in our bodies at certain energetic portals (chakras). Our life force flows through these portals. Some call this kundalini or sexual energy. When we are stressed, hurt, or blocked in some way, we involuntarily suppress this natural flow. During these weekends, You will experience your life force’s intense, relaxing, and revitalizing effect. You will learn to use your lifeforce healingly in your work, relationships &life.

Where will this lead to? Explore your ‘Cosmic self’ by connecting with your higher self, and exploring the light bodies. Letting go of old – not serving programs, like karmic patterning, shadow personas, and seals. This sequence is ideal for clearing not-serving sexual programming and energetic blockages in the body. Enjoy yourself as a sexual being, totally innocent, grounded in the heart, connected with the core of the Earth and the Heart of the Universe.

This will lay a foundation for the awakening of your 12 strands of DNA. To support, activate and ascend the human DNA into the golden frequencies of the Absolute Harmonic Realms beyond the known dimensions of the human mind.

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