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Cosmic Lover 

For all genders

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Embody your sexual essence, embrace the sacredness & play....

A cosmic lover is one with the universe. In full kundalini, connected with the earth's Crystal core and the universe's heart. With a body that celebrates the divine feminine and masculine energy. Expressing love and devotion and honoring the innocence of your sexual essence.  


I invite you to embrace the sacredness of your body.

I invite you in the here and now.

How would it be to invite and surrender to your Divine Self? To embody the Divine Union of Cosmic & Earthly Energy? And enjoy the Cosmic Lover that you are... 

What to expect? 

During the first part of the day, we prepare the different (light) bodies to play with Cosmic energy. We explore our 15 dimensions and light bodies, and align ourselves with the Universal heart and the Core of the Earth. So you can open more and more for your expanded self safely and groundedly.

​We will combine polarity & clearings in different exercises. Freeing and enjoying our sexual energy, all to enjoy the healing modality of your sexual energy. It is the fuel to open up for your higher self and expand your consciousness. 

This will lead to a point where the Cosmic gates will open and we invite the Cosmic Lover in you to enter. Annemoon will facilitate this in deep channeling, inviting her spirit team to join you for a playground. In this playground you are invited to follow your authentic movement, to explore and enjoy the Cosmic Lover in you. To fall in love with the universe & life. You are welcome to do this by yourself or interact with others. To play, massage, heal, dance or just drink a cup of tea. Everything from a space of respect and consent. 

We end the day with integration practices.

A safe space

We create a safe space and work with consent. Nudity & bodywork can be part of thi
s day. There will be no sexual acts nor exchange of bodily fluids. 
It is important you feel at ease with feeling and expressing your needs and boundaries.

Date          4th of March 2023

Time          13:00 - 22:00 'o clock

                   Including a delicious diner 

Location   Yogacentrum Bunnik

Exchange € 160 (free from tax)

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  • We work with clearings, DNA activation, Cosmic constellations, tantric breath, polarity, bodywork, sacred temple practices, shamanic rituals, play and dance. Every retreat is personally tailored to this group.

  • We work individually, in a group, and with partner practices. If you come as a couple, you are welcome to do some practices together and are also invited to mix with other people.

A field of love

In the Cosmic Lover, we create a field of love and invite your life force to flow abundantly. In this loving space you can explore the frequencies available to you. In this harmonic bubble everything that doesn't serve you & your higher self can and will transmute. 


  • This weekend is for people with experience with energetic work, shadow work & tantric practices, who are confident in stating their boundaries. If you are new to Rock my Moon, please contact me for an online intake to see if this is a good fit. 

  • This workshop is no medical intervention, nor mental health care. It is a place for reflection, insight, personal development, meditation, and healing. 

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