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Cosmic Woman

Sorry guys ;)

Embody your sexual essence, embrace the sacredness & play...

A cosmic woman is one with the universe.

In full kundalini, connected with the earth's Crystal core and the universe's heart.

With a body that celebrates the divine feminine and masculine energy. Expressing love and devotion. Honoring the innocence of your

sexual essence.  


I invite you to embrace the sacredness of your body. 

I invite you in the here and now.

What to expect?

Experience your sexuality as a healing modality in the safety of a women-only group.

The day contains channellings, transmissions, healing, clearings on the light bodies and specific practices. We work with tantric breath, polarity, bodywork, sacred temple practices, shamanic rituals, play and dance. Every retreat is personally tailored to this group.

A field of love

We create a field of love and invite your life force to flow abundantly. In this loving space you can explore the frequencies available to you. And in this harmonic bubble everything that doesn't serve you & your higher self can and will transmute.

  • This weekend is for people with experience with energetic work, shadow work & tantric practices, and confident in stating their boundaries. If you are new to Rock my Moon, please contact me for an online intake to see if this is a good fit. 

  • Sign up via Your place is secure after payment.

  • This workshop is no medical intervention, nor mental health care. It is a place for reflection, insight, personal development, meditation and healing.

Date         12th of February 2023

Time           10:30 - 17:00 'o clock

                    Including  lunch

Location    Centrum de Linde, Bilthoven 

Exchange  € 120 (free from tax)

A safe space
We create a safe space and work with consent. There will be no sexual acts or exchange of bodily fluids. 
It is important you feel at ease with feeling and expressing your needs and boundaries.
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